GassistPi Voice assistant not working [resolved]

Ok so, I got the ultra++ for a project with GassistPi, it basically lets you put google assistant into the pi.
I am using a pi 3 b+, when i use the the gassist pi service to start the assistant on boot, there is a problem with audio and everything loops in an error. The first error(which occurs in the starting phase of the assistant) is:
alsa-sink.c: ALSA woke us up to write new data to the device, but there was actually nothing to write!
alsa-sink.c: Most likely this is a bug in the ALSA driver *soundcardname* . Please report this issue to the ALSA developers.
alsa-sink.c: We were woken up with POLLOUT set -- however a subsequent snd_pcm_avail() returned 0 or another value < min_avail.

The loop error, after the assistant tries to speak is:

feb 27 20:51:52 raspberrypi pulseaudio[976]: [alsa-sink-bcm2835-i2s-wm8960-hifi wm8960-hifi-0] alsa-sink.c: Resume failed, couldn't restore original sample settings.

I already contacted the GassistPi developer but for now we haven’t found a workaround yet.

Hi and welcome,

Is the audio working when you run the test script (see install instruction)?

Did you tried to run the installation script? any error?


No errors at all, but when i install it i always have to install the script twice because the first one doesn’t succeed. If it can help, also the speaker test works, but only yours(the one in the installtion guide). if i type “speaker-test” then it just plays some background noise, also audio reproduction in your speaker test is really delayed, like 5 seconds, to the point that the microphone doesnt capture it saying front left front right and only records the background noise of my room.

Dear xFra,

I have no experience with GassistPi and as your hardware is working this is goes beyond the scope of technical support, as this is an open source project we can all participate to make the ULTRA work with GassistPi.
THe good news is that I just sent a MIC+ and ULTRA+ to support the creator of GassistPi to add them to the compatible sound cards.

see here: Voice assistant

I have added support for Raspiaudio and other WM8960 cards now.

Thanks for sharing, I am going to try