Interface settings

Hey, could you have some explicit description of what interface settings need to be enabled? I just spent hours reformatting cards, rebooting, plugging and un plugging various things before finally getting the Ultra++ to work, and it might save others a lot of time if you were to detail that in the installation guide.

Also, curious thing: I’m using an RPi5 with 10.1inch Waveshare DSI LCD touchscreen and could only get the Ultra++ to work if I started with a fresh install of the OS, had the Raspiaudio device attached at bootup, installed the Ultra “driver” using, and then SHUTDOWN and unplug power supply before restarting. For whatever reason, if I opted to simply reboot at the command line, my sound menu disappeared upon restart (This was reproducible on my machine.) After this shutdown/unplug restarting, I then went to the Config menu and enabled SPI and I2C (I think the serial console was already enabled). I don’t know which of those are actually necessary, but I now have sound. Only after getting the sound to work did I then update the OS. And now if I reboot from command line or menu, it’s ok. Just that initial setup was a problem for whatever reason.

Hi and thanks for sharing your experience! The ULTRA is really a challenge to support because drivers are not in the base Pi OS. I have added your comment in the userguide for next for archive for future generations .