MIC+ Feedback from Microphone/Speakers

I have a Mic+ installed on my RPi4 and I’m getting some sort of feedback. I don’t believe it to be a power issue and I’ve played a “silence.wav” file to try to get rid of it (unfortunately without success). There aren’t any GPIO conflicts that I’m aware of either. I can hear the same feedback when I play the test.raspiaudio.com test from installation. It’s very noticeable on the playback of that test.

The feedback sound changes - and sometimes goes away for a while - when you push down slightly on the board or mic or speakers. What can be causing this? Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome!
By feedback I assume you mean electromagnetic noise, root cause could be:
-Noisy power supply (try another another one if it is any better), change also the USB cable
-Bad electrical contact with some 40 pins header, check that ALL pins are soldered and well inserted in the PI
-Defective MIC+ board: do the 2 things above if this does not work ask for a replacement on Amazon (sorry for the trouble if this is on us)