Mic + Volumio no sound


I had an issue with Ultra + and Volumio, so while that was beeing sorted ou I ordered Mic+

As Raspiaudio guide for Mic+ states:

" For Volumio:

We recently added Rapsiaudio in the dac selection, you will find it in the last version of Volumio!

Just select “Raspiaudio” in dac selection and it should work straight out of the box :sunglasses:"

But i select DAC and then raspiaudio in initial Volumio setup and no sound.

Onbord speakers
Line out
External speakers


Could you do step by step how to

Mic +



Hi and welcome,
Can you confirm, are you using the MIC+ or ULTRA++ board?

If you are using the ULTRA++ you have for now to use a workaround, this is a bit more work but it does work:

I have both cards. Now I am talking about MiC +.