MnCast stuck in recovery mode [closed]

Hi there. i have two Mncast that I received recently (Jan/2023). According to the instructions on the install, I need to reflash. The instructions to hold in the reset button, power off and back on, and then release the button, do not seem to allow the device to be FLASHed using the Squeezelite-ESP32 installer on Github. However, if you try it enough times, the device does seem to eventually allow itself to be updated—and then it reboots into RECOVERY mode. In the console i see this, but the console does not seem to accept any commands from the terminal (they echo, but have no effect), and in any case, I can’t get them out of recovery mode. What do I do here? (My Chrome platform is a Mac Studio; I could try a different Mac or a different serial program to talk directly to the device if the Github installer is the issue).

Hi try to start the updating while holding the button, then you can release one is start to upload

I also have a report of not being able to flash using Chrome on a mac, but works on PC (I have not yet verified it).


That did the trick! Thanks!!! Joel

Cool! can you confirm that it is working on a Mac?

Yes. Using on a Mac (ARM) in Chrome works the first time. Thanks again for the support!