Raspberry Pi 5 Expansion: The Pi5-Drive-Power-Audio Shield by RASPIAUDIO

Raspberry Pi 5 Expansion: The Pi5-Drive-Power-Audio Shield by RASPIAUDIO

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Raspberry Pi5 has some known issues :

  • Storage: Constrained by the slow and unreliable SD card storage.
  • Audio: Lacks onboard audio output, essential for multimedia projects.
  • Power: Tethered to a unique and expensive official USB-C charger that supports an uncommon 5V 5A profile.

RASPAIUDIO Pi5-Drive-Power-Audio fixes all this issues making the RPi5 even better!

  • Storage: M.2 drive support
  • Audio: 24-bit DAC / CAD for 96kHz high-definition audio Input output.
  • Power: Standard USB C PD charger profile

Drive Solution: Upgrade your Raspberry Pi 5 with superior storage capabilities. The Pi5-Drive-Power-Audio Shield introduces a durable M.2 drive interface, offering a fast and reliable substitute to traditional SD card storage. Specifications:

  • Supports M.2 Drive GEN2-3, accommodating sizes 2230, 2242, and 2260.
  • Harnesses PCI-e for rapid data transfer, ensuring peak reliability.

Audio Solution: Dive into rich, high-definition sound with the shield’s sophisticated audio components. A 24-bit DAC delivers pristine sound quality at 96kHz, perfect for a range of applications from home entertainment to professional-grade audio setups. Specifications:

  • 24-bit DAC / CAD supports 96kHz for high-definition audio input and output.
  • Includes stereo microphone and headphone jacks, alongside line inputs.
  • Features two built-in microphones for crystal-clear audio capture.

Power Solution: Liberate your Raspberry Pi 5 from proprietary power constraints. The Pi5-Drive-Power-Audio Shield is compatible with a broad spectrum of USB-C PD profiles, permitting the use of widespread and cost-effective chargers. Specifications:

  • Enables USB-C Power Delivery up to 65W.
  • Ensures compatibility with a variety of USB-C chargers, including those with the standard 5V output.

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