The sound of my ESP MUSE PROTO is way to weak

Recently i brought two ESP MUSE PROTO board to be used as a notification system for within my house.
For this i installed the latest version of espHome one it. And after that i was able to use the TTS option in Home-Assistant, perfect.
Sadly the sound was way to soft to hear what was being said. Although there is that option to boost the audio to 15db the sound is still to weak to be used in a big room.

Is there anyway to boost the audio more then it is now? or am i missing something.
Below is the code i use:

    priority: 10
     - lambda: |-
          gpio_set_direction(GPIO_NUM_23, GPIO_MODE_OUTPUT);           
          gpio_set_pull_mode(GPIO_NUM_23, GPIO_PULLDOWN_ONLY);
          gpio_set_level(GPIO_NUM_23, 0);      

  - platform: i2s_audio
    id: media_out
    name: ${device} player
    dac_type: external
    i2s_lrclk_pin: GPIO25
    i2s_dout_pin: GPIO26
    i2s_bclk_pin: GPIO5
    mode: mono
      number: GPIO21
      inverted: true

for the 15db, as you did gpio 23 must be in pull-down, I heve not tried your file (i’m away from my desk) but the line is maybe not necessary you could try to remove it as it might be cancelling the pull down mode : gpio_set_level(GPIO_NUM_23, 0);

Otherwise to have a louder sound, use an external passive closed speaker, 4ohm is louder than 8ohms. If using an external speaker you could also disable the internal sepaker by cutting the connection on the back of the board.

Yeah, i will do that, it did made any difference before and after adding that line anyway. I tried to follow the config on your radio demo, that’s why i added it.

This is the external speaker i currently use:ω-5w
It seems to be 8Ohm 5W. Could you provide me with a better but cheap option option that could be loader then this?

Could you a picture where you show me which connection i need to break exactly. I do not want to loss my warranty doing this. :wink:

If you just put your 2 speakers in parallel (the 2 red wires together, the 2 black wires together) you will get a 4ohm speaker.