What product would you like to RASPIAUDIO develop next?

  • POE Mn Cast : POE ethernet version of Mn Cast for ESP32 (line out)
  • Muse AMP : Mn cast cast ESP32 on steroids with 2x65W built-in amplifier and color screen in a beautiful casing
  • Mega AMP: Shield for Raspberry pi 2x65W built-in amplifier (for Zero and Pi4)
  • Presence Detector : cutting edge presence detector based on ESP32 for Home Assistant in a designed case
  • Modulox BRAIN : A pocket size music synthesizer with screen, midi in/out, speakers, microphones, extension ports.

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May i suggest a 5th option to suggest: The pico Muse, the smallest board with onboard an esp32-pico chip, mono amplifier for external speaker, a I2S mic, battery charger and small array mini pads for serial-comm, charging and the speaker. No USB connection and side headers.

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I already made this design PICO proto then forgot about it. good idea thx

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Did you? Can we talk about that an other way, i really in need of it for some project i’m working on.