A dud? powerswitch on ESP muse Luxe feels weird [resolved]

Hi, i just recieved my esp-muse-luxe. When i charge the device i get a blue power indicator, when i try to switch the device on, nothing happens. The powerswitch feels odd like it isnt connected to anything.

is this a dud or do i need to flash the firmware first?

Once you have received the device and have not changed the firmware, you should hear a female voice say ‘Bluetooth’ when you turn it on. If you find that the switch is loose or difficult to operate, you can use a small object such as a match to try and unblock it. I

it does not hurt to try to refash it before using :

If the issue persists, please contact Amazon for a replacement.

We have received feedback that the switch is hard to operate and do not have much grip. As a result, we are considering making the switch larger for future batches.