Alsamixer doesn't change onboard speaker volume [resolved]


Installed a Mic+ hat on a pi zero running vanilla raspbian 10 (buster). Install went fine as per docs, everything is working (running rhasspy voice assistant to control HomeAssistant). Only issue is alsamixer volume control has no impact (on onboard speakers). I need to drop the volume a bit as the voice is badly distorted. card choice in alsamixer is " - default" and “0 snd_rpi_googlevoicehat_soundcar” … both which show the same thing. If I choose All (playback and Capture) … I see 2 master and 2 micro … both of which move in sync and none that changes volume. Any ideas?


Welcome to Raspiaudio “the Heavy_rad” :slight_smile:

have you tried this:

Thanks! That tip worked.

In my Rhasspy “Audio Playing” config, I had specified the “sysdefault:CARD=sndrpigooglevoi” … this bypasses Alsamixer volume.
When I set it to Default, volume control works.

Thanks Again!