Audio+ and Adafruit Video Looper [RESOLVED]

I just installed the audio+ card on my Pi Zero and it works fine when I start the test
sudo speaker-test -l5 -c2 -t wav

However, I use the Adafruit Video Looper and once my pi boots, the sound is still directed to the HDMI. When I submit
aplay -l
The only device listed is

card 0: sndrpihifiberry …
Subdevice: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

Then, I checked my parameters in the configuration file of Adafruit video looper. The relevant section for sound parameters is here
# ALSA configuration follows.
# This only applies when using omxplayer with sound = alsa.

# ALSA hardware device to use for sound output.  This consists of the card
# number and subdevice number separated by a comma, e.g. '1,0'.  Run 
# 'aplay -l' to list available devices.  If empty, the default output device is
# used.
#hw_device = 
hw_device = 1,0

# Volume of the hardware device can be set using a text file provided with the
# video files.  If the file does not exist, the hardware volume will remain
# unchanged.  This setting specifies the name of the text file.
# The file should contain a single line with an amixer-compatible volume value,
# such as '50%' or '-10db'.
hw_vol_file =
#hw_vol_file = alsa_volume

# Name of the ALSA control to use for adjusting volume.  Typically this will be
# 'PCM'.  Run 'amixer -c N scontrols' (where N is the card number of your output
# device) to list available controls.
hw_vol_control = PCM

# omxplayer configuration follows.

# List of supported file extensions.  Must be comma separated and should not
# include the dot at the start of the extension.
extensions = avi, mov, mkv, mp4, m4v

# Sound output for omxplayer, either hdmi, local, both or alsa.  When set to
# hdmi the video sound will be played on the HDMI output, and when set to local
# the sound will be played on the analog audio output.  A value of both will
# play sound on both HDMI and the analog output.  A value of alsa will play
# sound through ALSA, using the device specified in the [alsa] section above.
# The both value is the default.
#sound = both
#sound = hdmi
#sound = local
sound = alsa

I don’t know if the raspiaudio uses Alsa or not. And I suspect my problem comes from the fact that the video looper is loaded at startup before the initialization of the Raspiaudio.
If so, how could I overcome this issue and does anyone had this kind of problem?

Thanks for any inputs :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Yes we use Alsa

Have you tried this:

“Figured it out. I added “–adev alsa” in the extra command line arguments of video_looper.ini”

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Thank you, I finally managed it!