Audio+ CAD Model *OR* RCA component model number? [RESOLVED]

I am trying to design and print an enclosure for my PiZero with the Audio+ hat. I’m struggling to correctly design holes for the RCA sockets to stick out of the enclosure. I first tried to use CAD models that looked relatively similar, then tried measuring myself, both attempts resulted in ports that were off just enough to not allow the rca sockets to stick out.

I did find a 2d CAD drawing of the Audio+ board, but it doesn’t specify exactly the RCA socket placement. If I could just get the part # that the Audio+ ships with, then I could try and see if there is a 3D cad model of the component, if there isn’t a more detailed CAD (3d or otherwise) drawing of the board.

Does anyone have this information?


Here is the RCA spec, hope it helps :slight_smile: