Audio+ noise and static

Was hoping to setup a streaming spotify device to bluetooth speaker but the sound quality that is coming through is really bad. There is very noticeable static. My setup is simple Pi Zero W, fresh Raspian Lite, and Raspotify server with Audio+ using 3.5mm port directly to speaker. Streaming works perfect.

Of note Bluetooth is not working either. My speaker shows its connected but I"m not getting any audio out.

Just hoping to get some trouble shooting ideas as the problem is most likely something I’m not setting up correctly and no fault with the Audio+. So far I have completely wiped and setup OS twice with the same result and tried various 3.5mm cables. I have moved pi to different locations in case it picking up harmonics as well as tried different power sources.
I’m also pretty sure the audio+ is installed correctly on pi because when I setup as a volumio server the sound quality was just fine.

Hello and welcome!
Well if this is working with volumio or with the basic Raspberry OS then it is not an hardware issue.
Try a different speaker, try to play audio from the sd card to check if this could be a wifi interference, try to power using the other usb input on your zero.

kind regards