AUDIO+ With RuneAudio

Hi. I need some help pleas, I’m trying to get sound out from my raspberry pi zero, since there is no option to set the i2s to raspiaudio, I’ve choosed Adafruit UAD1334A since it has thesame chip of AUDIO+ onboard, but the sound played presents more silences and glitches than sonds. Could yyou help me please?
Many many thanks!

The Audio+ is a very simple DAC as it just plays the I2S stream it is compatible with pretty much all DACs choices such as the one you mentionned. Many others use RuneAudio in the past.
The first thing to try is to make sure that you hardware is running fine in a known environement, so just burn an SD card with a plain Raspberry Pi OS, then run the installation script and test command.

Let me know

Hi. I switched to Moode OS environment, selected “Hifiberry DAC +Light” in the devices list and now it works like a charm. Thanks :slight_smile: