Australian Price

Hi, looking to purchase your RASPIAUDIO Audio DAC Hat Sound Card (Audio+V2) for cheap Pi Zero project. The US listed price on Amazon converted to Australian dollars is $24 however the same product is listed at $43 dollars in Australia.

This pushes the product into Pi 3 or Pi 4 territory and removes all its value. I could use US based re-shippers to avoid this.

Just seems a shame to have the price double for Australians when there is no real need for that.

Any alternative sources to purchase this?


Hello Audas,

Thank you for your feedback. We do not maintain our own inventory in Australia. However, some companies unrelated to RASPIAUDIO purchase our stock in the USA and import it into other countries at a higher price. Due to European free trading laws, I cannot prevent them from doing this. The best I can do is to offer our products in Australia at our standard price, though there are costs associated with maintaining stock there.

Please send me a private message if you’d like a direct shipment from our office. I can provide a quotation for you.

Thank you.