Disable onboard amp


I just managed to received my Muse Proto board and it has been setup with 5W passive speakers. It’s been great with my LMS server but I’m wondering if I could connect eh screw wired output to an active speaker ? Would the 3W output be too strong ?

I read the web interface under the audio options, there is a selection of ‘subwoofer’ or ‘headphones’, the latter suppose to disable the AMP ?’ Is that options applicable on this Muse Proto board ? Will it disable the onboard 3W AMP ?


Personaly I would highly discurage from conecting a AMP output to a line in input from a active speaker.

The Settings Selektion is a bit missleading.
On a nother board with funktional AMP and Headphones output, you could deside betwen:
Heaadphones -> AMP goes out when something is Pluged in to the 3.5mm Jack
Subwoofer -> Both AMP and 3.5 stay o so that you could ad an Active subwoofer. but it dose not Change the output. the Subwoofer needs to filter itself.
For active speakers I recomend you use other boards with headphiones output or you wait for Raspiaudio to bring the one out they mentioned on 408.
Hope it helped

Indeed for the official answer from Raspiaudio team the Muse Proto is not suitable for safe line level as.

But we are very close to make the first batch of Manganese Cast that is made for that purpose :

Just adjusting the casing 3D tolerance now.