ESP Muse proto + hifiberry AMP2

Can I use the Hifiberry AMP2 on the ESP MUSE PROTO or is that something that is completely out of the question anyway? I currently use a RPI + HifiBerry AMP2 with OSMC as my multi-room audio system and am wondering if can replace it with ESP Muse Proto but keep using the AMP2…

hi and welcome,

I’m not sure to understand the question, Do you want to replace the Raspberry Pi of your AMP2 by a ESP32 Proto and control it with Squeezelite?
It should be possible by cabling some I2S signal to the AMP2 and set them in Squeezelite.

I like this idea

thanks for replying! :slight_smile: I was just thinking if the awesome ESP Muse proto device can help me simplify my set up.
My current setup:

  • local music on Plex server
  • OSMC running on RPI which connects to Plex server to stream music
  • RPI on which OSMC runs has HifiBerry AMP2 on it
  • AMP2 sends signal to speaker switch for a wired whole-house audio system.

It works, but I am not happy with with how OSMC sits in the middle, because the connection between Plex and OSMC is not the best. So, I was thinking if I can replace the RPI with a ESP32 Proto, run Squeezelite on it. However, I am not sure if the AMP2 can be “put on” the ESP32 Proto (in fact, I doubt it). Or if I can just get rid of the AMP2 as well.

It is absolutly posible. You can run Squeezelite on any WROVER Bord. The Squeeze-Amp-too project shows how they used a HiFiBerry Amp+ as Prototype and explain you the Pinout on the Pi Hat witch is Identical on yours.
However I dont know how you will get the Music from the Server to the ESP. If your an Apple user you can do the Playback on your IOS or MacOS device and select the ESP as Airplay reciver. For Plex apps on Windows, Android or Linux I don’t konw if it suports Squeezelite. As I’m not a plex user I can’t try it.
With the Proto board you can try the Multiroom function of squeezelite and check if the Wifi connection is sufishent for Playback without changing your curent Seetup.
If it pases your usability test, you can do the next stepp, reconfigure squeezelite to use unused pins for I2S and wire it to your Pi Hat folowing your configuration and SqueezeAmp project mentiond above.

I would love to hear your Result and how you set it up. Feel free to asked questions as I’m happy to help.

I am also interested on seeing where this is going :slight_smile: I have a couple of raspiaudio’s sitting around, I’ve managed to place one as Bluetooth speaker and the other as a “multiroom” speaker with squeezelite.
I don’t see exactly how I can “push” music from Plex into the speaker yet… I might be able to pull something off through Home Assistant or Node Red but… haven’t yet looked into it deeply enough to know the path to follow.
What I do know is that my objectives are:
1 - Stereo Output (if possible) while amplifying the output (30W speakers so I definitely need to raise that output from 3 to 30 W)
2 - Stream audio from Plex to the speakers (here I am thinking on making the request through Rhasspy Voice Assistant platform and then with Home Assistant / Node Red play the audio selected in the speakers that I select as well)

I am willing to write this whole process down to the most infamous detail, which I’ve already started on my bookstack but I need to still find the path. :slight_smile: