ESP Muse proto: no audio [under investigation]

Hi there

I’ve been trying tot get audio playing via de ESP Muse Proto, but do not succeed.

1st started with ESP Squeezelite. Bluetooth played audio, but AirPlay showed a device, but could not connect. Integration with Home Assistant ok, but no audio will play if selected from local media.

Then found your easy installation guide and installed successfully. No bluetooth available, but now in Home Assistant I can see 3 entity’s and control the onboard LED when connected via WiFi. So it seems that Home Assistant is able to communicate with the proto board. But playing mp3/wav from Home Assistant is not working; no sound from builtin speaker or external speaker connected to the green terminals.

So I’m stuck now on resolving the audio problem. Any suggestions for me to troubleshoot this issue?

BTW: in both scenarios (easy installation and Squeezelite) the blue on board LED is flashing. Did not find and documentation on what that means. So, any clues on the status description of the blue LED?


So in Squeezelite in Bluetooth you have some sound coming out, correct?


That is correct.
AirPlay not working. Can’t connect


Esp muse and HomeAssistant are in the same network (

For airplay, did you tried to connect with a browser to the Squeezelite web interface (you can get the IP address of your Lan looking at the serial log console, or in your router settings). From their be sure that AirPlay is enabled.

I tried and did not succeed.

Put the focus now on the simple implementation and get audio/tts from Home Assistant. That is my main goal. I thought that required Sqeezelite, but apparently not. That eliminates some possible interactions/causes I think

As you prefer, post your results here please

Well, i started this topic with the result of that installation…

Any one having a suggestion for tests or adjustments that lead to a step forward to a solution?


After Squeezelite-ESP32 gets flashed again, you need to make shure you exit “recovery Mode”.
You can try to do a OTA update. 16 bit version is recomendet.
If that dosn’t help, maybe tell us what version your on.

please share any logs an you HA version, there is maybe an issue as I have 2 reports for a similar issue.

I can confirm that there is an issue with the Muse Proto with Home Assistant when using the ESP Home firmware working on it with the HA team.
But this is working fine using the Squeezelite firmware in Home Assistant, don’t forget to install in HA the Squeezebox add on

Thanks for informing. Is there a pr for it?

In my HA log there is no problem reported that relates to media player

My HA version is 2022.7.6


Hi, still under investigation, I’ve sent a Muse Proto to the HA team they will look at it. Stay tuned.