ESPmuse Luxe FAQ

The assembled and tested PCB are in our partner factory for the assembly inside the speaker casing. The assembly will be finished on the December 18th 2021 and some units will be shipped by air for the backers. With the high season it should arrive on the 27/12/21. Then we need to check them and upload a new firmware to send it to you.

Backers should receive their units first week of January 2022

stay tuned!

All backers ESPMUSE LUXE has been shipped today! you should receid your unit soon you receved an email from Laposte with the tracking#.


there is also a tutorial here

Got mine today!!
So happy to actually start playing with it!

Hi just added a tutorial for the Luxe to implement a nice internet radio

Just added a new tutorial : MUSE LUXE speaker with Squeezlite (Logitech Media server)

Here is how to add a screen using the Grove extension port on the back of the MUSE LUXE :

This port uses signals for I2C bus so it could be used for all kinds of peripherals such as screen, touch sensor, humidity, temperature… Limit is your imagination! We encourage you to create crazy applications fo the Muse, let us know if we could help.

So a grove port is a defacto standard brought by Seeds Studio but in fact this is just a fancy name for a standard 4pin PH 2.0mm plug
So if you want something already made you can just buy this screen and this should be plug and play (not tested but the pinout matches)

But if you want to use this very cheap and widely available screen search for “oled screen” here we are using a 1.3" model**. Check the pins order as it should be GND VCC SCL SDA** some manufacturer invert some pins, careful as it could damages the screen if plug incorrectly.

Here is the pinout of the GROVE port on the back

Then you need a cable to go from the GROVE 2mm pitch to the 2.54mm pitch screen pins, I recommand this premade cable

Then match the pinout of the cable with the port of the LUXE.

Regarding the casing we have made a 3D printable casing something quickly that could certainly be improved. It clips on the edges of the LUXE. But for now this version still have an hanging cable, idealy I would like to change it with some kind of conduit for the cable.

For the software, we have modified the internet radio projectt to support the screen you can flash the bin file Radio_screen or recompile the code.
This is also possible to use the screen in Squeezelite in the web configuration menus select SD0 18 and SCL 23 for the display choose the correct driver, for us SH1106.

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I bought the cable and the screen and setting up gpio pins (SDA18 y SCL23), driver (sh1106) and width and height (128x64), but unfortunately no signs of life in the screen.
I tried with different cables with no change in result.
How can I know if the screen is not a failed one?


Hi Tobal,
What code are you using?



I am not sure why, but now the screen is working.
Only thing I can not do is rotate 180 degrees, it is not work in the hardware page nor NVS editor.
Is it possible rotate the screen?


Hi all,

My muse Luxe behaves strangely since today… don’t know if it’s related to the last Music Assistant version or ESPhome firmware… but now when playing a music, it starts 1 min then stop with some glitches noise… keep silent 30-40s, then resume playing around 3-4s… and so on (silent 30-40s/plays 3-4s)… so completly useless :frowning:
While being stop, I checked the log of ESPhome, it’s still receiving well the event (mute, sound level, play, etc…)… Maybe comes from the builtin battery. So here are my questions :slight_smile:
i) from the USB cable, is the ESP32 directly powered or it pass through a the battery charger system ?
ii) Is there a way to open the box without breaking the warranty ?

Merci d’avance.

Hi, Have you tried to let it charge for something like 30mn while the power switch in OFF position, then start it again. Do you still have the issue?
If yes try a different USB power supply, do you still have the issue?

Yes I tried to wait few hours (power off) and with different USB cable…
Important detail, when the music is freezing, I can change the song and it resume to play immediatly. Also radio seems to not suffer from these glitches. So seems to be MA related… but I can’t yet discard completly the battery problem. I saw to the video how to disassemble the luxe model … so in the worst case, I can try with a new 18650. Does the electronic integrate a battery protection ? Is-it possible to read the Vin from an ADC GPIO ?

It does not sounds like a hardware issue. And while being plugged the power supply comes from the USB.
A way to prove it is to upload a different software into your Luxe and check if this is working fine.

I suggest the defaut bluetooth sketch :

I was able to get the display to work using the internet radio project, but when I switched over to Squeezelite, no display.

Any ideas?

My display is a SSD1306 i tried different drivers and nothing… i wanted to try a different address, but those values don’t match the silkscreen…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This is a fun device!


Hi and welcome, can you make a screenshot of the dispaly settings that you use in Squeezelite web interface?


Here you go:

And thank you for your help!

I changed the address to 60 and it works!
(after rebooting)

now i’m really happy with this.

I love when things self-resolve :sunglasses: