ESPMuse Luxe, where to buy

Hi all,
want to get the box, not the proto version, but obly found the proto version at Amazon.
At I found the box but marked as ‘out of stock’.

Any ideas. I am in EU.

With best regards


Hello, we are making a new batch, should be back in stock in 2 weeks with Amazon in FR, IT, ES, USA
for DE we have an issue with Amazon but hope to be able to distribute soon thru BERRYBASE
UK since the Brexit it is a nightmare in paperwork to sell directly there, so I have asked Pimoroni if the would like to distribute but no answer yet.


… ok, thanks. So I have to watch ‘BerryBase’.
Maybe we get notified …

With best regards

sure i will send you a message


With best regards

Hello Friends,

I think i was the last person to get the Muse Luxe through :smile: couple of month ago.
After setting it up with my home-assistant instance, it works like a charm !

I am also very very interested in buying couple of more Luxe speakers for my setup.
Could I also get notify when they are available for purchase ?

I am in EU aswell (Viena)
Greetings !

… I am near Vienna, haha. What a small globe we were on.

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-For UK customers, I am receiving some emails form you asking where to buy.
We are looking for a distributor in the UK, I am trying to contact Pimoroni but they don’t reply maybe because they are busy with the RPI5 shipping, what could help is if you send them a quick message here too asking for the RASPIAUDIO Muse Luxe to be distributed by them

-For Germany and Europe we will make a test with a new private logistic center in 2 weeks to sell directly from our website and ship from France to Europe.

-USA, available in 2 weeks.