Ethernet and PoE with MN Cast

Is it possible to add a PoE capable ethernet jack to this device? I do not care for running this via WiFi.

POE is not planned.

Have you experienced instabilities over Wifi?

Yes, the unit will drop connection and become inaccessible after a couple days. I have to power cycle the mn cast for it to come back on.

Running Squeezelite?

fw: I2S-4MFlash.16.2.1254.master-v4 , mode: Squeezelite-ESP32

I’ve noticed with the squeezelite firmware, if the wifi connection is lost for any reason it will automatically revert to broadcasting it’s own hotspot for configuration. The firmware will never automatically re-attempt to connect a lost wifi connection without rebooting the device.

I am running it over Wi-Fi as well and it’s stable, but if there were a PoE or Ethernet version, I’d prefer that. Just a vote in case you’re counting.

ok let me see if this is doable still at low cost you can vote here :loudspeaker: