How to design a Sonos AMP Replacement with Raspiaudio

Hello all! I was wondering how I could design a replacement for the Sonos AMP or similar. We talk around 100W/150W of power per speaker. Is that possible? Could we use a line-amplifier to make this work? Of course the goal is to control the amplification from the raspberry/esp32.

Anyone have any experience? My project is 4 speakers, hopefully I could run each channel over two parallell speakers, only they are 6 Ohm so it could be tough on the amplifier.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be happy!

I guess the easiest way is to use a power amplifier and use the smart device as a preamp. Does the raspiaudio devices provide a strong enough output signal to be used as a preamp?

You would propably need something like this: Suggestion for ESPMUSE: multiple analog inputs with an external amplifier

The JAB5 Amp from Wondom might be perfect for that. 4*100w for 6ohm min. Speakers.
If you want to use the instaled Qualcom BT reciver, you have to use the analog input for Airplay and Squeezligt. in that case you can disable BT within ESP-Squeezeligt.
If you put the JAB5 in Slave Mode instead, you can use the i2s input and don’t need an aditional DAC on the esp32 board. But you loose the onboard BT Reciver.
Tomorow I’l have a WROVER module arrive and I can give you an Update after testing the Amp with 8 Ohm speakers…

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Good suggestions, looking forward to your experiences :partying_face:

Now time for some Update:
The ESP32 I got is a TTGO T8 with a WROVER-B
For testing I used both WONDOM JAB5 4 x 100 Watt and JAB 3 2 x 5 Watt .
Unfortunatly I didn’t get any music out of both amplifilers yet. Before I found out how to setup the MCLK on pin 0 ( dac_config model=I2S,bck=33,ws=25,do=32,mck=0 ) the JAB5 started to puke some binary noise. After the right setup it didn’t hapan again, but I didn’t get out Audio either.
By now I think, I must have broken the ESP32 as well while trying to conect a ST7789 Screen.
After reflashing it again to do a Factory reset, it dosn’t show up as a Hotspot.
For now I will wait if others are going to contribute on the discusion here or on Github and wait for the next ESP32’s I ordert to arive.

Do you already have some parts for your Project @sbarmen ? What are the most imortant features your sterio should have?

After Redding your post again I wonder What you mean.
-One Hifi Serio with four speakers
-Multiroom audio setup with four rooms.

Do you already use LMS or where do you get your music from?
Do you consider setting up multiple Raspberrys and ESP32s?
Do you already have some home Automation or NAS?


After resting my mind for some days and corecting a falls Pin Conection I made, I Got it to work this time:



5-+5V______3V3 or 5V ( JAB5 Pin actualy is at 3,5V; VIN Pin on T8 not posible )

dac_config: model=I2S,bck=33,ws=25,do=32,mck=0

Post on Github

I would find it great to hear from the progres of your project.
Do you have other questions?

Hello! Thanks for sharing!

I have 4 in-cealing speakers (passive) in my kitchen. The plan was to buy a Sonos AMP to drive these. After the new Music Assistant in HA and the option to run a smart-device in-line with a Power Amplifier I got interested in maybe building a DIY setup speaker. My requirement is just to get a output signal from a DAC that is strong enough to trigger a power-amp.

My original plan was to parallel cable two speakers for each channel. But that would bring the impedance down to 3 ohm. I think maybe I will run a cable directly to each speaker and use a power-amp for 4/6/8ohm with 4 connections for speakers. Your setup seems to be more or less just what I need.

What is the sound quality experienced? Is it production grade for a home stereo setup?

The JAB 5 has high potential, but I’m not 100% satisfied.
It has a Ground noise that you can ony avoid if you listen Loud enough. I’v riten to Wondom to ask for Help and even send them a Video demonstration you can take a look at.
In your case I think you can use a simple dac like the pcm5102 and hook it up to any Wrover Board or you take a ESP32-A1S (Battery system is a danger) or any other mentiond on the Squeezelite Github.
That would be the Cheapest and most ecological Solution for your setup!
Would be great to see some photos of how you setup your speaker and Amp.


I will soon release a new board to plug on an existing amplification system, 100% compatible with Squeezelite :

The spec of the board is :

  • DAC PCM5102
  • line output
  • optical output
  • SD card
  • USB C
  • Infrared receiver

Extra options :

  • 1.3 inch Oled display
  • Rotary encoder with push button
  • A nice case

I think I could sell it with all options at $49.90 on Amazon,and maybe the board only without the extra option at a lower price TBD.
It should be ready in a few weeks. The first prototypes are already being manufactured. Anyone interested?

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Great News!
a IR Blaster would maybe be a helpfull adon as well.
Nice to see USB C as well.
Thoug no needed usecase, I would be happy to Play with it.
I’m working now on own desings. would you consider to distribute contributed desings?

What do you mean by an “IR blaster”?
I’m not sure about distributing others brand as I am mainly using Amazon as a distribution network. But feel free to explain what you have in mind in a private messsage.

with IR Blaster I mean an LED to controle the old Amp you might hock it up to.

Oh yes I am interested! :partying_face:

Just tell me how to order and I will test with a Poweramp.

thanks will post the first pics next week in a dedicated post

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First video is here :

Hosted on Instagram in an attempt to have more followers :sweat_smile:

Yes…I’m interested.

Little teaser:

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