How to run the Muse Luxe without using the battery

Is it possible to run the Muse Luxe without the build-in battery? I have removed the battery as I want to run it solely from a standard RaspberryPi powersupply. However, since the removal the Muse Luxe frequently disconnects and reboots. Is there a way to solve this? I assume the RaspberryPi PS should have more than enough power to run it by itself. (I have also tried mobile phone chargers. However these gave the same result)

The Firmware spesificaly for the Muse mesures the Voltage to go in deep sleep if it is to Low.
You need to save your Configuration, Flash it with I2S firmware and re enter your Config exept Battery.

The battery is a reserve of energy that helps provide energy for high current pics from the amp.

To my knowledge the firmware do not implement deep sleep if low battery, but maybe I missed something. To test out this you could put the firmware for the simple Bluetooth speaker and check if this is rebooting.

But first, it should be possible to run the Luxe only on battery try also a different cable, I have noticed that it could make a difference.