How to use AudioV2+ without Raspi [resolved]


I have two Cabasse loudspeakers I would like to connect to Home Assistant.
The AudioV2+ board seems the perfect pcb to do that.

  1. I don’t understand what is the added value of raspberry to the audioV2+ board ? Only to supply power or also the connection to HA ?
  2. May I only use AudioV2+ to connect the two loudspeakers to HA with stereo quality ?
  3. As regrads the cost of Raspberry now, is there another way to supply power to the AudioV2+?

Thanks for your help

Hi Merangle an welcome!

The Audio+V2 is a shield that needs a Raspberry Pi to work, it is a DAC that take the digital signal from the Raspberry Pi and convert it in audio signal.

As an alternative you could use the Muse products that have their own intelligence (ESP32) and do not need a raspberry PI to work.

Let me know if you have some questions.

Thanks for the information.

The Muse project is interesting when you start from scratch and add one loudspeaker to your system.

In my case, I wish to upgrade two good quality loudspeakers and right now the cost of a Rapsberry is crazy.

I was just wondering if you have some projects to build a standalone board with both functions : DAC and amplifier.
If yes I will wait; if no I will reconsider the option with raspberry if the price decrease.