Is there a schematic available for the Muse board? [resolved]

I could really use a schematic for the Muse Proto board to be able to hack the power input and audio output sections. Would someone please post it? Thank you.

Hi and welcome

You are refering to the Muse Proto (yellow board). The “codec” used is the MAX98357A converting directly I2S to 3W amplified audio signal. So there is no easy way to hack this to just get a line level audio signal to put in a powerful amplifier.

Thank you. This is perfect. Now I have what I need to design a simple booster amp to kick up the output. A couple of mosfets and a few resistors or an attenuator and a modular class D amp. I also need extra batteries. Maybe a 9 volt battery (or 2?).
Can you supply the schematic for the power input/conditioning section?
Thanks again. I love this board!