Loud noise when connecting external speaker

I have a raspiaudio muse proto in which I have installed esphome media player. ESPHome Media Players
I have integrated it into Home assistant.
I have managed to satisfactorily reproduce sounds on the internal speaker of the rapiaudio muse proto.
The problem is that when I connect external PC speakers it makes a tremendously loud noise.
This noise remains while the raspiaudio remains on, when the raspiaudio is off it stops making this shrill noise.
I have tried to reinstall the esphome media player several times and the error continues.
I’ve tried different external speakers and the same problem still occurs.
I’ve tried a different raspiaudio board and the same problem still occurs.
I have even installed on the raspiaudio the Basic bluetooth speaker sketch from https://raspiaudio.github.io/ and the same noise problem occurs.
Power is a stable 5vdc power supply.

Hello ,

Those kinds of speakers for PC and cell phones speaker are usually already amplified, but the muse Proto has its own 3W amplifier so it could be used with a passive speaker.

Please try with another non amplified speaker.

With one speaker it only works correctly, but 3w is not enough for my project. With the speakers only without an amplifier it does not produce noise. However with 2 speakers with different amplifiers, it produces that same shrill noise. A shame with how good looking this project seems.

The board is not made to be plug to a pre-amplified because it has its own amplification, it’s not a bug but a feature!
If you are looking something not amplified we have the Mn cast