Luxe Distortions in audio

Is there a way to do frequency filtering to deal with out of range frequencies of the speaker? It seems the speakers in the Luxe can’t handle some lower tones of my music. I’m not playing anything crazy, just Piano Guys and some classical stuff. It’s not Amp saturation because i’m playing it at 15-18% I use this as a bedtime music speaker for my kids.


Hi Diver Jim and welcome,

What do you use to stream the content? because bluetooth could alter quality
Try squeezelite you could add an equalizer pluggin and playin by hear.

The other more professional solution if your audio source is a computer connected in bluetooth, you could use REW software to edit the frequency response.

Tell me if you need the typical frequency responce of the Luxe, I have a calibated UMIK-1 microphone in the lab.

I loaded squeezelite onto the box and streaming through my HA server local media library via Music Assistant.

Any help to improve audio quality is greatly appreciated, using to put the kids to sleep and keep them that way, random static is waking them.

so you have random static noise? is it when plugged ?

It’s not random in that it’s unexplained. It’s frequencies that I don’t think it can handle. even at very low volumes (15-22%). Random as in the timing, causing the kids to wake up. It’s only some tracks. Would you like me to make a video and share? I have some music that is unplayable and some that is perfectly fine.

interesting, could you share the exact name of a track that causes issue? I will try.

You can hear it in “The Piano Guys”: “Fathers eyes” “Story of My Life”, “It’s going to be okay”, and “what are words” have the effect.

I have some rather eclectic tracks of VGM Acoustic Collection, but I doubt you can source those on the internet, I bought them off the artist and he emailed them to me. But the pattern is low frequencies or when a large spread of frequencies are present. Naturally in trying to find the tracks that were really bad, i’m now struggling.

@Raspiaudio What amp are you using? I’ve just tested the same music with a single 4ohm 3W speaker using a max98357A with a esp32 running esphome and didn’t get much distortion. granted, it’s no where near as loud as the luxe.

Update: So I’m starting to wonder if the speaker needs break-in time. Because I left it to play on a loop all night and the sound quality has improved greatly. Distortions are reduced/removed by repeating the affected music at loud volume it seems.

I have tried to play “Fathers eyes” on the Luxe over bluetooth with the stock firmware and in Squeezelite and I hear no distortion.

Then I did using REW and a calibrated microphone a frequency response test :

It shows that it would need some equalizer around the 3k 4K to have a flatter response.

Here is the REW data if you would like use it :

I didn’t realize that it shipped with Squeezelite so I flashed it with squeezelite using your tutorial/web loader. Do I need to configure a speaker profile to get back to your quality? Like I said, it does seem to improve after some burning in.

Hi Jim,

just an idea, have you checked if you don’t have the Squeezelite equalizer setting active like this :