Make the Knob start from the top when reaches 127

Hi everyone, i’m new to Modulox world and i’m a bit lost.

I don’t know if what i’m going to ask is achievable with the “Modu-Knob” I have, but, I’ll give it a try.

My Question:
I bought a Knob to use it as an “encoder”, whenever i turn the knob up i wish he keep “saying” with MIDI messages “he’s moving me up, up, up, up, up…” (and of course even down,down,down) endlessly, then I will take care of that information with a bit of Python logic and convert it to what I need for my purposes (OSC messages if you’re curious).
BUT with the “normal” configuration it’s not achievable, since there’s no option (or I am to dumb to notice that) to tell the Modulox something like: “When you reach 127, just jump to 0 and start all again from the top” and when he reaches 127 he just stop sending messages so i don’t know if it’s still turning.

Hope that somebody could help with that, i don’t know if i’ve been clear enough, sorry english is not my first language haha feel free to ask!

Hi Asuslike,

we will come back shortly on that one!


Hello assuslike, of course this mode exists, there is an official midi spec about that, it’s called relative mode. You can select this mode in the encoder options of the editor. Almost all daw can handle this mode. There are 3 different relative modes (1, 2,3). Please make a search on Google, it would be very long to explain you the differencies between them. Hope it answered you question.