MEGA AMP : 60W stereo hat for Raspberry PI

I have it setup in config.yaml as said in the doc Music Player Daemon (MPD) - Home Assistant


Example configuration.yaml entry


  • platform: mpd
    host: IP_ADDRESS

Is there a better to get moode to connect to HA? I’m going to ask in the moode forum as the dac is working is great and I’ll post the solution, might help someone.

Thank for the help and awesome product!

So, I haven’t really have to time to play with it yet and therefore it is sitting unused for now :(. Anyone got it working with something else besides volumio? The features I’m aiming for is spotify connect and connecting to home assistant. bluetooth connections would be a nice to have as well (it is what I sometimes use on my muse proto).

Hi for now we have successful reports that the MEGA AMP works with
-Moode with spotify connect (Renk1)

In a general way anything that supports HifiBerry Amp2 should also be compatible with our MEGA AMP.

As a side note MEGA AMP will be available on Amazon Europe this week.

Hi I wondering has anyone tried to use this Hat with a argon one case. I am having a little trouble getting it to work. It seems the Pi detects the hat but doesn’t allow any audio to be pushed.

As far as I know the argon one case is using 4,22,23 pins of the gpio. is there any info on how this hat utilizes the gpio pins?

Here is the pinout ,Yellow == used :

GPIO4 it used by the MEGA to enable amp.

My advice:
1- First validate that everything is working as expected without your case
2- If you really need this case and you want to have the GPIO4 available we thought about that eventuality. you could free un the GPIO4 by cutting JP1 with a cutter, the downside is that the amp will be always on, it you need to revert you would need to add so soldering point on JP1.

JP1 is here:

Let us know if you need help, it is still a new product and we will document it better soon.

Thank you for the info and details.
Yes you are right, it does work without the case.
And I don’t need this case. Thank you for the help either way. I decided to just go with a open case.

Also seriously awesome that you replied so quickly and with all this detail. I saved the Diagram just in case I would need it in the future. Just wanted to let you know I appreciated the help very much!!!

You are very welcome feel free to put a review on Amazon, it helps.

Also if you could share here how you intend to use the MEGA amp, is it for music in a living room? What distribution you plan to use, Volumio?


I will be using Raspberry OS distro in kiosk mode. I will be using it in my home to display multimedia and play smooth Jazz in a lounge room.

I do have 2 more questions.
Looking at the diagram you sent earlier if I want to solder a case fan to say pins 4 and 6. It shouldn’t be a problem for the mega amp right?

Also could I use a type C charger that is 30 watts and can supply 15v?

Sure you can use pin 4 and 6 for a fan.
35w USBC could be a bit weak especially at high volume, I recommend a 65w or 100w with the right cable.

The USB c PD will negotiate a 15v profile.

Thanks again for your help :+1:

Is there any way for me to control the fan? I’d like to disable it when it is not being used, since mine makes a pretty annoying sound sadly.


is the fan maybe touching something?
Remove the plastic casing to check, depending on how much power you are using you can try to disconnect the fan too and check the temperature

I think it somehow resonates with my desk in a stroke of bad luck, the noise is not THAT loud, but noticeable enough to be annoying. I still here it when I take it off the table, but it is definitely reduced by holding it. I’ll try running it a while without the fan and checking with my IR-cam, not sure why I didn’t think about that :stuck_out_tongue:

interested if you could share your IR photos and setting used (speaker impedance and volume level you are using)

also you could try placing a piece of foam or any absorbing material under your Pi

I just ran it on a new raspberry pi zero 2 with a 24 volt power supply. I was still setting up picoreplayer when I smelled something, so I quickly took a measurement. The hot spot was 110 degrees C…

I had an 8 ohm speaker connected, but had yet to play anything on it.

I have noticed that the glue on the fan has come loose, so that might be it, I will redo it and test.

a 15v - 12v gives less heat for about the same volume, you should try a USB C PD with 12v or 12v profile

Ok, a ~15min test with a 12v power supply and an 80w, 8ohm speaker at 60% volume resulted in about 57C.

I’m also going to try with 2 6ohm 80watt speakers, since those are my in my target room and I think that will increase the power draw? But that does look promising imho (not sure what that chip is rated for, but it doesn’t sound too hot to me).

Another image for you as well: