Mic+ Disable internal speakers

I use a Raspiaudio Mic+ (the old one where the microphone is not onboard) on volumio and would like to disable the internal speakers to use solely external ones instead. Is there a way to do that?
Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello Martin and welcome,

Look for CUTL CUTR on the back of the board :


Thanks a lot for your help. Unfortunately, I obviously have a different board and I cannot find CUTL and CUTR there

Oh ok I see you have the very first batch that is about 4 years old.
In that version speakers are not soldered but the spring electrical contact is maintained with some some double sided tape. So if you want to disable the speaker the easiest way will be to remove it by sliding a flat slim blade or screw driver between the black speaker ant the top of pcb. To help you could have ads a few drops of alcohol to dissolve the adhesive (of course unplugged).

If one day you need to put the speakers back just add some strong double sided tape.

Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot. I successfully removed the speakers. Best, Martin