MIC+ I2C OLED screen [resolved]

I recently bought a MIC+ board, currently working connected to a raspberry py Zero with Moode.
I would like to connect a !2C OLED screen (currently connected to the raspberry 40 pin header) to the 4 pins header (as per raspiaudio instructions nr. 9)
Could you prvide the pinout for this header?

hi franmarques and welcome!

I’m glad somebody is asking :slight_smile:

Form left to right using your picture orientation it is :

So it is plug and play with this kind of screen 0.96" or 1.3" :

:warning: this the Oled screen should be like on the picture starting with “GND”. Because there is another kind that starts with VCC that will not work.

It will be nice to use the connector, so the 40 pins header will be free fo other uses.

This is why I’ve made it that way :nerd_face:. I was thinking about making a “deluxe” pack with the Mic+ and a screen.