MIC+ No working

I’ve gone through the steps to get this to work on the Raspberry Pi. No sounds at all.

I’ve done this:
-Insert your Rapsberry Pi Shield in your Raspberry pI then turn it on
-Open a terminal and ran the following
sudo wget -O - mic.raspiaudio.com | sudo bash
-Say yes for the reboot
-On the next reboot you have to run the test to finish the installation (it is an ALSA oddness):
sudo wget -O - test.raspiaudio.com | sudo bash

  • When the above didn’t work did the alsamixer.
    That didn’t get to the result.
    Even attemped the play the test.wav from the file side of things. Nothing. Any help on this woudl be great!

Hi have you tried from a clean install of the Raspberry pi OS?


That’s a great idea. I have done a lot to get Magic Mirror working, but will have to find a way to save back those pieces and redo from the start again. Will take a bit of time. But looking from what I’ve done in the past this is the best approach, given the obstacles I’ve run into.