MIC ULTRA+ and Darkice


I have been happily using, for several weeks, the MIC ULTRA+ connected to a Raspberry Pi 0 W to livestream birds from my garden on my home network using Darkice+Icecast.

Now I would like to fine tune my Darkice settings:

device = plughw:1,0 # Soundcard device for the audio input
sampleRate = 44100 # sample rate 11025, 22050 or 44100
bitsPerSample = 16 # bits
channel = 2 # 2 = stereo

As I am not expert at all I am wondering what I should use to have the best audio quality input when using the two onboard microphones. Can I use a samplerate of 48000? And what about bitsPerSample? Channel= 2 stereo?

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hi Arnauld and welcome,
This is a super cool project, feel free to share a few pics or samples and how you did it!

In that case this depending on codec used, for the ULTRA it is the WM8960

so according to the spec you should be able to do 24bit per samples at 48khz

Let me know how it goes!

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Yes, I will put pictures and a description of my easy to do install. I tried 48000 and 24 bit, however 24 bit was not accepted:

DarkIce: VorbisLibEncoder.cpp:71: specified bits per sample not supported [24]

So I reverted to 44100 and 16 bit.

I also noticed that in alsamixer I can only switch from 54 to 100 (I can’t slowly increase 54;55;…70,71, etc.) for the gain in InputL1 and InputR1 (both the onboard microphones). It it the expected behaviour? I would have liked to increase the gain little by litlle, eg up to 80…