MIc + V2 using condenser microphone as a external mic

Hi, I have recently purchased MIc + V2 . The attached I2C mic has a law gain and can not be used for lecture recording where you are sitting at last bench. I wants to use condenser microphone.

Can I attached this condenser microphone in a top 2 black hole-connection out of 4 black hole connection which you had provided for external microphone?

Please reply as my project has paused!

Hi nope this is not possible with the Mic+ as it is using a detachable I2S microphone.
You could extend the wires of the microphone with some standard 2.54mm pitch Dupont wires to be closer to what you want to record. Or change the gain in alsamixer or give it a software boost.

Alternative for adding an external microphone is the ULTRA model


Sorry to know that Mic+ V2 does not support external Analog microphone but ultra model does. Please correct your product descriptions and clearly mention which type of external microphone is supported. Say clearly Digital or Analog.

For me this model Mic+ V2 is of No use. By paying DIFERANCE with ultra model, Can you give me exhange with utra? If so please tell me differance in US $ and organise for return label…Thank you for quick reply…Regards Kesh

Please return it thru Amazon then buy an Ultra, we can’t do exchange.

Thank you for your help and support. Very apriciable…I have organised for return now.

Before I place new order for Ultraplus, Can you publish back side photo of ULTRA+ here or email me, as all the photos are from front side…Thank you once again for your help and support…Regards Kesh