Mn Cast microphone as i2s input

Is there any way to use the i2s connection designed for the microphone as a i2s audio input from another device?
I have the hdmi adapter from the link below, which also has an I2S audio output in LPCM format, and I am wondering if I can use it to get the audio signal from a Chromecast with hdmi, because Chromecast audio was discontinued.

Hi and welcome,

In theory yes I guess this is possible, but what will ou do then with I2S signal coming from the Chromecast? what is the purpose you are thinking of? Record it? Stream it on a local network?

The hardest part will be to write the software for it.

Just send the signal to the other I2S, where the audio output happens. As I read, ESP32 has 2 I2S buses, so it could work. The idea is to also have Chromecast support in the same package.
But I see another problem now, there is no ESP32 library for TC358743, the chipset used in the hdmi adapter. But there is support in the linux kernel for this chipset, so maybe the code could be rewritten for ESP32.