Mn Cast, Squeezelite bluetooth securing pairing with code?

When using Mn Cast, Squeezelite and Bluetooth to stream music from iPhone.
Is there anyway to secure the connection so that not anybody can connect to the Mn Cast with Bluetooth.

When I enable bluetooth on the Mn Cast and I connect a new device (iPhone, Ipad, Mac) I can see on the display a code and a text saying something like be sure you have the same code on the unit as here, and I press pair, the devices are paired.

But is there any chance to secure this process, in this case anyone can pair as long as they are kind of near the device. Like on the street, neighbours in the house. I wonder is there a way to set so that the a PIN code need to be set when trying to pair. Like a 4digit static code?


I think that implementing a bluetooth code will require to add this feature to the Squeezelite project.

You can post in the issue section on the github : GitHub - sle118/squeezelite-esp32: ESP32 Music streaming based on Squeezelite, with support for multi-room sync, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Hardware buttons, display and more

Or ask the question on their chat on Gitter referencing on the github above