Mn Cast Static Noise

My Mn Cast has developed a dull static noise in the background, it made a funny noise last week so i rebooted it, had trouble rebooting and since then i have this static noise in the background of every track, ive reflashed the firmware, tried headphones, different amp nothing cures it it.running the latest 16 Bit firmware.
Do you think its a problem with the DAC?


Hi Eddie,
to be sure come back to a known point, go to :

choose Mn Cast-Bluetooth
look for the device with you phone in bluetooth, send some music, if you still have the noise then it is hardware (cable, power supply, amp, Mn cast), if no more static this is software.

let me know,

Hi. Tried Bluetooth still the same, also with headphones plugged into the mncast, so that excludes the amp.
It’s a slight static noise, also a slight whistle.
I’m using a 1 amp usb power supply, tried a 2.5 amp, still the same.
Also tried 32 bit firmware.
Plugged my squeezebox radio using the same 3.5mm phono into the amp, no static noise.

So looks like something went on the mncast when it made that funny noise and lost connection.

Hi Eddie, in that case please send it back with Amazon.

I will then look at it to understand what was the issue