MnCast rotary encoder [resolved]

The rotary encoder on my MnCast doesn’t do anything, although I use the recommended NVS configuration file. How can I use it for volume control, or for pause/next/prev track?

Please try to load the pre-configured firmware here for MN Cast Squeezelite

Hold the silver button until download starts

I tried this now, still no action from using the rotary encoder. I click it, rotate it left/right, nothing happens. Otherwise the device works pretty well.
As feedback, I would like to see some info about what is playing on the display when I use LMS or Airplay, right now I see only the IP of the connected device. It’s the first time I am using this ecosystem, so I am not sure if this feature is supported.

I see that the rotary encoder works when used through bluetooth, the problem is when used with LMS.

Then this is just a Squeezelite parameters issue, let us know how you made it worked. Closing the ticket.

Thank you. So nobody has configured these parameters already? I saw people on the forums using Squeezelite with LMS.

I can control only the volume now from the rotary encoder, by selecting the checkbox “Send button events as raw values to LMS. No remapping is possible when this is enabled”.