Modu-Knob switches from momentary to toggle mode every time [resolved]

I report an issue that I can’t fix. The Modu-Knob seems to switch from momentary to toggle mode every time I turn it off/on. Every time, I need to open the editor and set again the knobs in “momentary” mode (this is the way I need to use them). What can I do? Even the preset saved doesn’t remember my settings and all the modes back to “toggle” when loaded it. So I have to set from scratch my parameters.Very annoying. Some help?
My system:
Windows 11, firmware 0.39, editor v.2


Thanks, for reporting this will check and reply very soon.

I’m sorry. I realized now the the firmware upgrade process is changed form my last visit (I was in DfuSeDemo). I downloaded Cube Programmer and now the firmware has the .hex file. Now it seems to works, but… If I set the “release” to “Nothing” on OFF note, in MIDI-OX I see on release always a note ON.
My settings for all the knobs (with CC1+Note 1, CC2+Note 2 and so on for all the 4 knobs):
2022-04-13 10_07_38-https___raspiaudio.com_editor_editor039_

My result:
2022-04-13 10_14_54-MIDI-OX - Monitor - Output

Press: note on
Release: note on

Hello Lordadb, indeed there was a bug. I made a patch, could you try to load this firmware and tell me if it’s ok now ? (you won’t lose your actual config)

Thanks, and sorry for the bug.

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Sure, tomorrow morning will be the first thing. I keep you update.
Thank you for your availability.

Yes, it seems to work properly, thanks. Now the device remember the settings and give me back the right data.Thank you.