Moduknob stops working after upgrading to v0.38 [resolved]

after upgrading the firmware to v0.38 my Moduknob does not work anymore.
It only shows up in the editor when it is the only Module connected. When connected together with a Touch Module (also firmware v.38), only that module is found which is connected directly via usb.
Even tough no problem is shown when writing a configuration to the module, it does not send any midi messages at all!!!

Thanks for looking into this,

Hello, when you connect them, have they got the same blinking amount? (4 times)

no, the touch module blinks 8 times while the knob module only 2 times.
The Knob module doesn’t send any midi messages even when it is the only connected one

OK, so you have to upgrade the touch module too. The firmware has changed since it was put in your module. Just the blinking amount has changed. The two modules must start at the same time to make their initialization.
The file is here :
To enter in DFU mode, you have to put a little stick (like toothpick) in the audio jack until you feel a click (there is a button beside the jack). So you keep it clicked and plug your module to USB.
The following is the same operation as moduknob.

Sorry for the mess


And if the knob doesn’t send midi through USB, it must be set in “physical MIDI” mode.
Plug it to your computer, open the editor, press “connect”, go to “module” tab, and select MIDI OUT as USB, sequencer to “none” if you don’t need it, and then press “write”.

thanks, updating also the modutouch did solve the problem. I though it already was the newest firmware, as the version V38 was shown in the editor. I found that setting the channel number does not have any effect on the moduknob. But it is not a big deal I can use the default channel 1…
Thanks for helping out!