Moduknob v0.38 firmware upgrade problem [resolved]

I recently received my three modulox modules (one knob, one slide, one touch) and while setting everything up I found that both the slide and touch were on v0.38 firmware but the knob was on v0.34.

Following the procedures in the installation guide (and some of the fixes found here for driver issues) I was able to flash new firmwares to the knob unit but there seems to be an issue… If I download and flash v0.35 it works and the knob is recognized as being on v0.35, the same is true for v0.37, but if I download the Moduknob v0.38 linked in the installation guide and flash it the knob returns to v0.34 no matter what the previously installed version was.

The file name on the link looks correct, but is there an issue with the file itself being the 0.34 firmware instead of the 0.38 it should be?

Hi and Welcome!
the installation guide hase been updated, see the section “Loading new firmware”
Le me know if you have any question:

Hi, just changed the firmware files in the intsallation guide. Indeed, with the new software, you need new firmware files. So tou should download them again, and it should work now.