Modulox Firmware 0.39 roadmap

MIDI out interface
Turn the modulox into MIDI out interface.
For now we’ll implement a simple function : for each modulox plugged together, you can choose MIDI channel list on the editor. And when you’ll output a signal from your computer to this channel, it will go out to the physical MIDI OUT of the desired modulox.
So you can control up to 16 synth from your computer !
At first, potentiometers, buttons or pads will have no function. But We’ll think about some usage. For example, controlling MIDI effects (delay, transposition, repeat, volume, randomize…), or make midi mapping. All ideas are welcome.

Group function
Add new mode for push buttons on Moduknob and ModuSlide, and tactile pads for Modutouch. This mode will be called “Group”. It will allow you to group several actuators to run as one. For example on moduTouch : if you want to push the pad 1 to send MIDI CC velocity 0, push the pad 2 to send CC velocity 40 and light off the pad 1, push pad 3 and 4 for velocity 80 and 127, and light off the other pads (only the pad you pushed is enlighted).

Memory usage
Gain 1 kB of RAM and flash by reducing the number of local variables.
You can store more data for sequencer and arpeggiator, and prevent errors from memory lacking.

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