Modulox knob, can't find box in duf update mode

Hello, exactly that, I just purchased a modulox and it’s running the first firmware I believe .34 the computer and first editor detect it and I can program it, but the update demo from STelectronics, can’t find it when I boot it in duf update mode, I’m using windows, it’s very weird since my computer doesn’t recognize it either in device manager in update mode, but has no problem in regular mode, any idea how I can solve this so I can update my device.

Any help appreciated

I want to say aswell I watched the video of update, I did it all correct and my device is in update mode, but the upater can not find it, so I can’t send it the new firmware…

I somehow got it update, it was a problem, I have another issue but i will post it in a new form as its a different topic.

Hi Leviathan, could you share with us how you fixed your issue?