Modulox knobs momentary off event do not work as "intended" [resolved]


When I configure any knob on momentary I receive the push event with defined note ON at whatever velocity defines correctly, but when I stop pushing, if I understand correctly, I should receive defined event for release evento stopping pushing but instead of receiving defined event I receive the same note of push event as ON but velocity 0.
Problem is that note is still on (but velocity 0) on release no matter what I configure of note off or all notes off on release.

Version is 0.38, and notes I see are seen on debugging mode of web config interface.

Is there any way to get note off on release? is this behaviour correct or a bug?


got your message, we are working on it and ll get back to you very soon

Indeed, it was an error in the code.
I’ve corrected it for version V0.39 of the firmware.
I’ll publish it in the next 48h and will tell in this thread when it’s done.

Here is the firmware v0.39 for module knob :
And the editor :
It’s still in beta, but should be OK.
Some other problems have been patched in this version, like encoder stability.
Please tell me if it solves the problem.

Thank you for the effectivity on fixing guys! Will test!
Happy Christmas!

Works allright. It still dances a little up and down when increasing and decreasing, but perfect!
Can an option for having an endless potentiometer be included? If it goes to 127 it stop increasing, maybe it can go back to zero and continue increasing. Would be very useful.
Thank you for your help!

Glad it’s fixed.
It’s possible to make a a come back to zero, but it’s a little strange, there will be violent cut in the continuity. Can you describe the conditions you could use that ?
Usually, to make an infinite encoder, you use “relative” mode. On the modulox we take account of the 3 standard relative modes used in all the synths and software. For example, if you use Ableton, you can detect relative mode 1, and your encoder will act indefinitely up or down.
For this mode : if you go up, you will have a MIDI value between 1 and 20 (lowest to fastest turning), and if you go down, a value between 107 and 127.

Merry Christmas to you too from all the team !