Modutouch how-to


I just bought Modutouch from Amazon and I got no instructions with it so now I’m wondering what capabilities this device have.

I can see that it is sending MIDI note on/off messages on touch and changing LED color on touch. I tried sending the same recorded MIDI events back to Modutouch but it didn’t react to that in any way.

Is there a way to programmaticaly change LED lights colors by sending some MIDI messages to it?

Also, my first experience with your software was a disaster. None of your editor versions would work with my Modutouch. Older versions, can’t even click the “connect” button, newer versions show “receiving data” modal and get stuck like that forever.
My attempts to update the firmware also failed since ST site keeps returning errors, crashing and also getting stuck on a “loading” icon.

Please help.


thanks for your message, will get back to you very soon