Muse Luxe Broken RGB LED [resolved]

I opened my new Muse Luxe to fix the power switch and managed to break the RGB LED off the board. (I hardly touched it, really!) I cleaned and tinned the PCB pads and was almost ready to hot-air the LED back in place when it shot out of my tweezers, bouncing off the wall and into in a parallel universe.

Is it possible get a replacement? Is the part number available? Maybe @Raspiaudio can help? Thank you!

First thanks for your honesty
The led used is this one

Sadly I don’t have left in the office otherwise I will have send you one.

Thank you. I got some (50!) on Ebay and was able to solder one down with hot air under the microscope. It works again!

Glad that you found a solution, it is not an easy soldering