Muse Luxe: Detecting power supply

Is there a way (other than somehow watching the fluctuating battery levels) to detect, whether the MUSE Luxe has a power supply? Or whether USB is plugged in?

I’d like to implement power down/sleep when there is no power supply (and hopefully some way to power up/wake up when power returns). I haven’t found a way to do that. Could some soldering help?

Hi Alex, thanks for your question.

Short answer no it’s not possible as it is now without modification on the PCB and a bit of soldering iron skills and take appart the Luxe, if your are up to it I could look at it and send you something to try?

On the next version of the Luxe I will try to implement a battery jauge in and USB detection using I2C.

Okay, then I’m looking forward to the next version.

Right now I tried a different approach: I used the Grove port to attach a light sensor and therefore use the light switch to turn it on and off (enabling light sleep when off). I’m fine with that, so no need to solder.

With thanks and best regards,

Very smart Alex, I like this non intrusive approach. I used this approach in the past to get the status of an old home alarm system remotely using the front panel led and a photoresistor.