MUSE Luxe hardware hack for voice-assist + automation notifications

I posted a thread a few days ago,

and since have thought that BOTH functionalities could be had, if an additional ESP32 was added to the MUSE Luxe, with the additional (and different) yaml file to do the speaker notifications part.

The output from the additional ESP32 could be wired to the DAC inputs on the original onboard RaspiAudio board to provide the output to the speakers.

I proposed this to Olivier, and he suggested I make this post. I am definitely NOT an expert on any of this, but figure it should be fairly straightforward, once we figure out where the connections to the RaspiAudio board should be made.

THe additional nESP32 could just be glued to the inside, just as the battery is. The result would be an additional “device” to include into HiomeAssistant, in addition to the MUSE Luxe already doing the voice-assist role.

Would anyone here be “expert” enough to figure out where on the RaspiAudio board the output from the added ESP32 should be connected ? My guess is that it needs to be at the DAC input.

Besides the manual work to put it all together, this would only cost the price of an ESP32-wrover, and two wires.


Hi interesting idea?..
have you also got the link to the YouTube video that you watched?.. cheers!