Muse Luxe + HASS + Spotify: How?

Has anyone managed to configure playing spotify from their Home Assistant instance to a Muse Luxe speaker?

Is Squeezelite required for this, or ESPhome? I’m getting a weird buzzing noise when using ESPhome, squeezelite seems to be working with Home Assistant, but only for local media and TTS…

I only know about Squeezelite + Spotify
you could use the web installer :

then in HA it could be detected if you install the squeezelite service

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve managed to install squeezelite, though I only see muse-luxe as a spotify connect device when I’m on my phone, not from my desktop nor via HASS. (I suppose this is how the cSpot integration works)

It would be epic if we’d have some sort of integration to make muse-luxe show as a genuine spotify connect device at all times:
such as