Muse Luxe speaker buttons do not work


I am completely new to this topic.

I bought some Muse Luxe and I am quite satisfied.

I have flashed all with the latest firmware (fw: Muse.16.1223.master-v4.3, mode: Muse).

In Home Assistant I use the SlimProto (Squeezebox players) integration to play music with Music Assitant which works great.

Unfortunately I can’t adjust the volume using the buttons on the speakers, I can only pause the music with the play button but restarting the music doesn’t work either.

Do I need to set anything specific in the squeezelite-esp32 settings so that the commands are executed correctly?

I am very grateful for any help

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Same here. I rescently switched from ESPhome muze lux which was very buggy and unstable.
Now I use just like you the Slim proto HA integrations which seems to work much more stable in streaming music from HA (local files or radio streams or TTS). Further I can also use it standalone as a bluetooth or Airplay speaker.

I can t stream with my (free) spotify HA integration to the squeezelite muze luxe.
I can not also like you use the buttons: volume up down or play pause. Do I have to add something in the webpage settings ? In the NVM editor ? I installed my firmware with a web installer for ESP32 squeezelite where I could select the muze luxe so I was in understanding that all GPIO settings and DAC, I2S was preset in the firmware and that buttons, lights would work.

If you press the 3 buttons you can see an Event on HA on the Slim proto HA integration. So you could capture these in HA and for ex manipulate the volume,play pause through a HA automation. I was thinking these buttons would work outside if the box on the muze luxe squeezelite firmware. Am I missing some additional config ?

Firmware I used Squeezelite-ESP32 Installer

Then selected muse luxe.

For capturing button presses in HA check following HA events:

hi, I need to try, I think that I remember that I was able to control volume with the buttons, not sure